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About us

10171664_734986819874911_1773196518738744735_nHistory of driving school:

Driving Castellmar born of a deep passion for passing such important values ​​for drivers such as knowledge of traffic rules and assimilation-based road safety attitudes.
In such a demanding as driver training area, the Magician Castellmar known for making available their students the best facilities and vehicles and a highly qualified and motivated teaching.

Embarking on this mission fully, professionals who are behind this project do own a business philosophy based on the effort to stand out from the competition and provide customers always the best market, adapting to technological advances, the constant recycling of new regulations and adapting to the changing needs of our customers in order to not only reach your expectations, but to exceed them.
Proof of this is that since 1966 we have trained over 12,000 drivers with the full conviction of our involvement individually with each of them, and with the satisfaction of knowing that one day these people put their trust in Driving Castellmar have obtained his license satisfied, recommending our school friends and family.

Therefore, thanks to all the team for their enthusiasm Castellmar, and all our alumni and current students for their trust.