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Types of Permits

To ensure the ability of drivers to drive the vehicles with the lowest possible risk, driving motor vehicles and mopeds require obtaining prior administrative authorization. The driver of a vehicle is required to be in possession and carry your currently valid permit or license, and will display them to the agents of the Authority upon request. Permits and driving licenses are granted and regulated content and its award will be conditional upon the verification of drivers eligible for psychophysical aptitude and knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors required for each. They are issued by the Provincial and Local Traffic Headquarters, and will be of the following classes:

Light motorcycles without sidecar with a cubic capacity of 125 cc, a maximum power of 11 kilowatts (KW) and a power / weight ratio not exceeding 0.11 kW / kg (KW / Kg).

LCC motorized two-and three-wheel ATV and light.

All kinds of Motorcycles with or without sidecar. Motor trikes and quads.

Car B with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3,500 kg and having seats, including the driver, not more than nine. These cars can tow a trailer with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 750 kilograms. Combinations of vehicles consisting of a motor vehicle which authorizes the driving license class B and a trailer, provided that the maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3,500 kilograms and the maximum authorized mass of the trailer does not exceed the mass of the tractor vehicle. Conditions for issuing driving licenses: The issue of driving licenses shall be subject to the following conditions: Permission of class B.

Authorization BTP To drive vehicles carrying school transport cars designed to public passenger transport and emergency vehicles when using transmitters lights or special acoustic signals, each with a maximum permissible weight not exceeding 3,500 kg mass and the number of seats, including the driver, not more than nine, you will need to have, for at least one year experience in driving a permit authorizing the ordinary class B and overcome the tests of mechanical skills and regulation applied to this class of vehicles listed in Article 51.3 of the Regulations on Drivers.

Mopeds and vehicles for disabled people (disabled car), may lead to permit the A1, A and B classes or with the license of driving.

Delivery terms
The minimum age for obtaining a driving license is as follows: Sixteen years old by permission of the A1 class. Eighteen years for: – Permission class A. However, the driving of motorcycles with a power of 25 kilowatts (kW) or a power / exceeding 0.16 kW / kg (KW / Kg) weight ratio (or motorcycles with sidecars with a power / exceeding 0.16 kW / kg weight) shall be subject to the acquisition of at least two years experience in motorcycles lower than those indicated above characteristics, but higher than authorizing motorcycle driving permit class A1. – Permission class B.

Normal residence in Spain or, if student, demonstrate that capacity for at least six months continued in Spanish territory, and have reached the required age. Not be deprived by court order the right to drive motor vehicles and motorcycles, or be subject to suspension or intervention you have. Collect psychophysical skills required in relation to the type of permit requested. Be declared fit by the Provincial or Local Traffic Department in the theoretical and practical tests, in relation to the class of license is requested.

Documentation required
Official application form available at the Provincial and Local Traffic Headquarters. Photocopy of National Identity in force, or, if applicable, Passport, identification of foreigners (NIE) verifying their normal residence or student status in Spain during the period required, together with the original documents will be returned once collated. Report of medical fitness issued by a Center Driver Acknowledgement of the province where the processing request, which you will find attached an updated photograph of the applicant. Two updated photographs, 35 x 25 mm., Equal to which is found attached to the medical fitness report that relates to the previous point. Written statement has not been banned by court order from right to drive motor vehicles and motorcycles, or subjected to intervention or suspension you have. Written statement not hold a license, issued either in Spain or in another EU country, the same class as requested. Copy of permit or driving license in his possession, whether issued in Spain or in another EU country, accompanied by the original document will be returned once collated. This document shall be delivered by the holder, prior to receiving the permit issued new character.


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